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Warranty information on our products

Warranty terms:

Party A promises to provide Party B with genuine paint protection film products from Germany TOPPF officially authorized channel. Party A provides Party B with the official product quality electronic warranty card provided by Germany TOPS Headquarter, and it can accept the official identification. Fake one lost ten, the warranty range includes starting, bubbling, breaking and yellowing. The loss under normal conditions is not included in the warranty, such as: traffic accidents, collision damage or intentional vandalism.

Maintenance notice

1. Within a certain period of installation of the paint protection film, a slight watermark may be generated, and blisters is normal. It will disappear in about 3 to 30 days depending on the season temperature and moderateness. During this time, it is forbidden to touch or press the watermark or blisters by hand or other objects.

2. Within 3 to 5 days after the completion of installation, Party B needs to return to Party A’s stores to conduct the overall car-body film maintenance If Party B doesn’t contact the above action within aligned maintenance period, any issue, such as curling, falling off, etc. as caused, Party A will take responsible for that.

*The final interpretation is owned by TOPS Group.